I have, for the time being, moved all of my work online. You may be wondering how online therapy works? I have put together a few of the commonly asked questions and answers. Feel free to get in touch if you have others: [email protected]

Q: How is working online different?
A: Essentially, it is the same as working face to face. We would book sessions in advance and meet at an agreed time. Our appointments would, to start with, usually be a week apart and last for up to an hour. I will adapt some of the techniques that I use where necessary but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that online therapy is equally effective.

Q: How does it feel to work online?
A: If you have ever used video calling, such as FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype then you will already be familiar with the way that I work. If you are unsure, then it is possible to book a free 30 minute consultation to find out a little more, and to see if working online is for you.

Q: When can I book an appointment?
A: Currently, I am able to offer flexible appointments between 10.00am and 8.00pm, Monday to Saturday. Ideally, we would identify a regular time when we could meet for each session.

Q: How can I make my sessions most effective?
A: Ensuring that you have somewhere comfortable to talk privately, where you won't be disturbed is essential. My guide to online therapy gives further details and can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Q: What platform do you use?
A: I use Zoom, which is secure and allows us to see each other, talk and for me to share many of the resources with you that I would if we were working face to face.

Q: Do I need special computer equipment to use Zoom?
A: All that you need to do is to click on a meeting link that I would send you by email. Zoom will work on most laptops or tablets (if you use a Windows PC, you will need a webcam - Apple Macs have one built in). I have found that using a mobile phone is more difficult, due to the size of the screen. Using a pair of headphones will give you a better expperience and ensure further privacy. Checking that your device is fully charged would also be helpful.

Q: How can I pay for sessions?
A: I will send you an invoice by email at the end of our session, with a secure card payment link. If you prefer to use bank transfer, I can let you know the necessary details.

I have prepared a guide to working with a therapist online. You can download it here.